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Music Learning Center is one of many music instructional studios for which a student can be certified for RCM LEVEL 1 to 8 certification in PIANO and RCM Music Theory.

Piano is the foundation of music learning which plays an important role in understanding the music language that will lead you to play the basics of other music instruments and singing lessons.

To know more about The Royal Conservatory, for 130 years, The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) has offered an internationally renowned program of music study and assessment through its certificate program. Today, the RCM Certificate Program is considered one of the finest music education systems in Canada and around the world. The program provides students with world-class, well-rounded musical training, from elementary through to advanced levels. With the completion of each level, students further hone their skills and develop their ability to play music independently while nurturing a lifelong appreciation for music making.